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Plus, stump a trek fan, lady suspended to talking to her son who is off to war, Westburo responds to Anonymous, knife inside your head for four years, naked man stealing meat, lady just had a bad headache, man does the dumbest tattoo ever, Liam Neeson doing well, Mexican teen hunger strike, celeb rehab rocker in Utah, James Franco joined twitter, Plaid Stallions and MUCH MORE! But not before we try and stump a trek nerd! Randy Jordan joins us for the first half of the show to give the Oscars what-for. The big winners, the hosts, the presenters, the funny bits, the terrible bits, and all about The King’s Peach. True Grit loses, but not because it wasn’t awesome. No more batman from Nolan after Rising. Anime Eyes did ok.

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If you have 15 minutes to kill before your next appointment—or are dragging yourself through a long afternoon—there are few better ways to get a burst of energy and mental stimulation than watching a keynote from someone you admire. The best keynotes can reframe the way you are thinking about a problem, a job, or your life in general, and are usually funny and entertaining as they do it. He talked about working super hard, attracting great people, and taking risks before the obligations and anchors of life start slowing you down.

He touched on how to win customers, how to give world-class lectures, and how to communicate with your audience.

This is an encyclopedic dictionary of close to im- portant philosophical, literary . Dolph Schluter is professor of zoology and Canada Research.

Thursday, October 8th, Escobar: Blu-ray The reputation of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar — killed in a shootout with police almost 23 years ago — hardly needs any further mythologizing. Depending upon whom one asks, he either was a servant of Satan or a modern-day Robin Hood. Even though he once supplied about 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the U. Benicio Del Toro is exceedingly credible as a man who has fulfilled his wildest dreams many times over, yet is willing to destroy everything and everyone he loves to remain unencumbered by shackles and bars.

As agents of the U. What next, a telenovela? Despite being extremely well crafted, I was left with the feeling that, at its core, Escobar: Paradise Lost is simply a story about star-crossed lovers and, as such, could apply as well to Al Capone as Escobar. For the most part, they have been positively reviewed. If anything the blame lies in extremely limited releases, ahead of lightly promoted send-offs in the after-market.

I wonder if they fare better in POV, where all of the selections are given equal weight.

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Now then everyone a bit of rules. Please keep all arms and legs inside the ride at all times and questions if there are any will be answered at the end. The information came out like someone had opened a floodgate.

15 October Jennifer Youngblood news, gossip, photos of Jennifer Youngblood, biography, Jennifer Youngblood boyfriend list Relationship history. Jennifer Youngblood relationship list. Jennifer Youngblood dating history, , , list of Jennifer Youngblood relationships.

Posted by Hube at The news and the reaction is too intense, sad, infuriating, and overwhelming. Wishing peace and love to all. And logging off the internet. Still counting bodies in Brussels , and Ted Cruz is scrambling to score points by blaming Obama and going after Trump. Y’see, Slott, political correctness IS partly to blame for things like Brussels.

Other than these, it was fairly quiet on the creator front regarding Belgium. Which also says something. Just recall the coverage of protests over ObumbleCare from Among other things , despite ZERO evidence that racial epithets were hurled at members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the MSM dutifully repeated the accusations every chance it got. Remember folks, no matter how bad a candidate Trump is, the mainstream media will make him seem far worse.

Knowing they would be cheering on the death of Antonin Scalia is like predicting the sun would rise in the east. Here’s a sample from their post ” Proudly Speaking Ill of the Dead “: Post author nemski says “Scalia is dead and, if I believed in Hell, may he burn there for eternity.

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I have a DVD copy and all the raw footage, but never actually sat down and watched what Martin and his co-producers put together. Let me tell you a little bit about it. I was in a band called Cherem for about seven years, from late until I quit in the fall of We made two albums a couple compilations and toured a fair amount.

LVL UP share explosive video for ‘Blur’ and talk first UK shows. For the first time this month, New York lo-fi band LVL UP will head to these shores for their debut UK shows. It comes off the back of last year’s frantic and rousing third album ‘Return To Love’ – the band’s first on cult label Sub Pop.

Print Article AA Ten years ago last week, one of the most vicious legal battles in rock history took another ugly turn. Grohl and Novoselic asked the court to prove Courtney Love was mentally stable, claiming a contract was invalid as Courtney was ultra-mega smacked-out at the time it was signed. Love had already blocked Grohl and Novoselic from releasing the band’s final track, “You Know You’re Right,” as part of a commemorative box set the previous year as well as sued them for control of Nirvana’s legacy.

Years after the legal dispute was settled and “You Know You’re Right” hit the airwaves, the bad blood remains. Earlier this month, Love took to Twitter to accuse Grohl of hitting on her daughter, Frances Bean, a claim which both denied with a pained sigh. The battle over Nirvana’s legacy was hardly the first twisted legal dispute in rock history.

Rock and roll is an ego-driven vocation with a lot of money on the line for superstar performers and their handlers alike. It’s inevitable that some squabbling over credit and royalties emerges from time to time. Some battles take the bitterness to the next level, though. Here are ten of the most nasty and notorious disputes in the annals of popular music. Prince ain’t most people. It wasn’t about the money for him — the label wanted Prince to adhere to the established early-’90s album cycle of promotion, refusing to release reams of music all willy-nilly like he wanted.

Rumors swirled that Warners was after his master tapes, too.

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Share this article Share Wearing wing-tipped eyeliner and baby pink lipstick, Charli’s make-up was done in a retro style as she posed confidently with one hand on her hip. The beauty was in good company on the night, with pop princess Kylie Minogue making a surprise appearance wearing a cream lace mini dress and gold platform heels. The year-old went braless for the occasion at Brixton’s 02 Academy, held in association with Austin, Texas and showed off her ample assets in an extreme plunging black jumpsuit Triumphant: MTV presenter Laura Whitmore, 30, arrived shortly before and looking incredible in a black mini dress which showed off her model legs.

In New York, Sonja tutors Ramona in the art of dating when both are invited to a party, which becomes a fiery affair featuring Ramona on the prowl. Also: Carole and Dorinda have a cocktail bash with old friends.

The year’s content is split into two parts to allow easier page loading for slower browsers. Each year tends to approach the equivalent of typewritten pages. To go to the present time, click on this hyperlink: For past issues, go to the Archives section. Newly created in by Chad. The responsible parties have been identified and suitably punished in the Island-Life Official Oublette of Manacles and Wasps.

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He’s terrified of them. But, anyone who really knows Jamie, or anyone who’s been decently blasted with him, knows that his greatest fear is failure. It’s what keeps him from asking boys out, from writing more dangerous pieces, and from truly living his life.

Dave Grohl’s voice was perfect in spite of being on tour for months already. The band rocked! The Foo Fighters are no record-company-studio-synthesized-Frankenstein’s monster.

It was slightly damp from the rain that fell two days ago. Eva froze and then slowly looked at me. This made me laugh. I thought I wouldn’t tell you about it. I just didn’t feel the need to. You need to stop reading books. They teach you to be a good liar. About talking to you. About riding shotgun in your car. About eating French fries with you. She would laugh in my face. You were throwing an unopened packet of Marlboro Lights up into the air and catching them as you strode along.

Kristen Bell & Dave Grohl Perform Frozen & Metallica Mash-Up