Discipline For Calling The Boss A Name

JK Rowling She got fired when working at the London office of Amnesty International because she would write stories on her work computer all day long. Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg was let go when he was working as a partner at Salomon Brothers, an investment bank. Specifically, it was after the company was bought out by the company that eventually became Citigroup in His severance check is what he used to jumpstart his career, which has now led him to become the 18th richest person 4. After which she became fashion editor at Viva. What sealed the deal was when she squirted jelly filling all over a customer 6.

Sex Harassment Law: Can I Be Fired For Dating A Co

The information that follows is offered to provide you with a fundamental understanding of some employment issues so that you are better equipped to discuss your specific situation with an attorney. This information is not legal advice. Every situation is unique. Do not make any decision without first discussing your situation with an attorney. If you are an at-will employee, you can be fired or demoted on a whim, without warning, for no reason at all, or even for a false reason.

The new girl seemed to react quite badly to this situation and came to see my boss, the HR business partner, for advice on how to handle the situation. Since then, the decision has been made for the new girl to change line managers.

Whether or not there are policies forbidding them, office relationships happen. Dana Brownlee, president of professional training development company Professionalism Matters , advises against initiating a romance with your manager, or, likewise, with anyone who reports to you directly or indirectly. Perhaps that makes sense given the amount of time we spend at work: In an office relationship, you can relate to the struggles someone faces from 9 to 5, says Brownlee. Does your company strictly prohibit relationships of any kind?

First of all, ask yourself how well you know your potential partner. Plus, if the two of you are uncomfortable around each other while working on a common project, your performance may suffer—and that could in turn hurt your prospects for promotions or raises. Remember that During Business Hours, Work Comes First If you decide to pursue the relationship, set up some ground rules before things get too serious, says Brownlee. Make sure you are both clear about who will know about the relationship and when.

But what about Amy in the next cubicle over? The key is that you guys are on the same page.

How to Fire an Employee Legally

Want to share a story? I welcome all comments and questions. I can’t give legal advice here about specific situations but will be glad to discuss general issues and try to point you in the right direction.

A year and a half ago, I started dating a new employee in my company. His boss said horrible things to him about me and other women in the office. He tried to talk to his boss and then his boss’s.

An idea that is fully formed — fully understood — that sticks; right in there somewhere. Sometimes I share these insights with you, and sometimes I greedily just keep them to myself. To lure you in, they showered you with expectations of a big bonus and fancy title. But after 11 months, they kicked you to the curb because they could. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer as they say.

This way, your old employers will not really suspect that you were the company terrorist. She might blow up a couple limbs nearby, but not the entire department. Meanwhile, other people will be hesitant to join the company due to poor perception.


Gossip can turn even the most collegial workplace into a toxic environment if staff and leaders don’t address water-cooler remarks, exaggerations and false accusations from the moment they become known. The grapevine can destroy the credibility and careers of both the person spreading the gossip and the person who’s the subject of office gossip. In some cases, an employee’s career can be brought to a screeching halt or perhaps destroyed if she’s terminated for gossiping about her boss or anyone else in the company.

Employment at Will Most private sector employers reserve the right to terminate the working relationship at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without advance notice.

SGS Tool Company, when an employee engaged in a consensual relationship with a co-worker was later fired for performance issues. Robin Cooke had a consensual relationship with a .

By Michelle Goodman 24 July For the revenge to be truly satisfying, you have to see that the offender learned the lesson. After repeated warnings, Ben Neumann fired an employee whose relentless office pranks were upsetting co-workers. But just how common are these grand gestures of workplace vengeance? Is the emotional payoff of vandalising company property or hacking into the corporate computer system worth the professional risk?

The Truth About Workplace Revenge. That said, retribution usually mirrors the original offence in severity, Tripp noted. Put another way, most people are especially fond of their pay cheques. As for on-the-job violence, employee vengeance is rarely a factor. Some non-violent workplace revenge could still lead to prosecution.

So if someone reports you to legal authorities for vandalising or stealing company property, you could be subject to whatever the legal penalties are for committing such an act in your geographic region. He then sent the link to a several officemates. Today, the young professional has a different take. Not wanting to irk an entire company should be deterrent enough against exacting revenge, suggests Steve Shepherd, an employment market analyst at Randstad, an international recruitment agency.

Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home: Can Your Boss Fire You For Taking Vacation

However, that’s not the case. Can an employer say a former employee was fired or terminated for cause? How about saying that you quit without notice or your attendance record wasn’t good? Are there limits to what an employer can say about you? What Former Employers Can Say About You There are no federal laws restricting what information an employer can – or cannot – disclose about former employees.

If you were fired or terminated from employment, the company can say so.

The company conflict of interest policy advised not to hire employee, family, friends and spouses – especially addressing the manager -subordinate relationships, however there were times when co-workers would have a natural attraction for one another and start dating.

I am the assistant manager at a retail store. I have worked at this same store for over 7 years. We got a new store manager about 3 years ago. We have had our ups and downs in terms of getting along because he likes to play favorites and likes to gossip about everyone in the company a lot. About 10 months ago it came to light that he was talking negatively about me to other employees, especially new employees we had just hired.

The employees felt bad that this stuff was being said about me and came to me with it. He told one employee that I have an eating disorder. He told another employee that I was sleeping with a co worker who I had made friends with. I told my regional manager about the harassment from this employee which I had txt msgs to prove He said he would not hire her back for this reason, for which I am grateful for.

He is now stealing sales from me and doing anything possible to push me out.

Can You Be Fired for Dating a Co

You have to learn the nuances of the corporate culture , and this is something that is carefully learned over time, through observation, experience and perhaps even the assistance of helpful coworkers who can help to guide you along the way. However, there can be unfortunate consequences of not learning the unwritten rules, including the worst-case scenario of losing your job.

These rules apply to everyone within a company, from the custodial staff right up to the CEO. Gossip Galore Gossip is one thing that certainly finds many people in trouble – both in and out of the workplace. Many people have a hard time not sharing juicy bits of information that they heard from a friend or co-worker. However, as most of us have learned from playing the “telephone” game as children, stories have a way of morphing over time until they become more fiction than fact.

And week after that after my dog like obedience, my boss took me outside on the street and fired. In the period I was on the headphones I recorded the slander that was going on inside the office. I have about 16 hours, is which she is showing of how she managed to get me fired.

Email Last Updated Aug 3, 7: What could be worse than getting fired? When your boss finds out – and he will find out – he may opt to do nothing, leaving you to wonder for long, agonizing years why you keep getting passed over for promotions. That is, if he’s a conniving and vindictive guy which, as you know, describes a significant number of people. Either way, it’s all-too-easy to let your frustration get the better of you at an inappropriate time, like when you’re having a few drinks with coworkers.

That’s exactly what happened with Joe Lacher who, until recently, was president of Allstate’s home and auto insurance units. Company executives were apparently hanging out at the hotel bar after CEO Tom Wilson announced major cuts to the sales force and a restructuring of the commission plan during an annual meeting. To say the least, the news wasn’t very popular with the troops, who were pounding a few and letting off some steam.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lacher chimed in, calling Wilson – his direct boss – a “f ing a Never mind that the guy was brought in with great fanfare not too long ago to turn around the company’s core insurance businesses, which have been under competitive pressure from State Farm, Geico, and Progressive. Of course, there’s more to the saga than meets the eye.


Besides the short stories on this page, we have included a story on a separate page written by George E. It is his personal story of his telephone career with the Bell System. To read his almost 50 page story, click HERE. This page was created at the suggestion of Peter W. Thank you Peter for your suggestion!

Fact: No law requires employees receive warning before being fired. In fact, your boss can tell you that you’re doing a great job every day for days straight and then fire you on day

Share a Tip Talk about dedication to your job! This Long Island resident recently gave up her kidney to help her boss move up on the transplant list. Then, shortly after her surgery, Stevens found herself dismissed from the company. She left on amicable terms because she moved from New York to Florida. During one trip back to visit family, Stevens stopped in to her old office to say hello. Stevens made the remark that if anything fell through, she would be happy to help her old boss out.

Flash forward a couple of months and Stevens moved back to New York. She called her old boss to see if they had any openings and was immediately offered a position. Months after she started working for Brucia again, her boss called Stevens to her office and asked if she would still consider donating her a kidney. Obviously, this mix of personal and professional life is an extremely delicate balance.

But Stevens says that the decision had nothing to do with office politics or her career at all. She was just doing what any good person would. Eventually, Jackie Brucia did receive the kidney transplant she needed.

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