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One of the most underrated rock albums of all-time. Kyuss’ lumbering, swaggering last hurrah. I don’t think he ever topped what he did on this album, in terms of musicianship. Seriously, it’s such a painful, personal, almost bitter record, that it’s difficult to listen to casually at first.

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Without a bass player, we head right back into the Shoes studio with Jeff Murphy to record our heaviest set of songs yet. Except for Feed, the songs are a bit more complex than what we’d been doing — and melody is starting to creep back into the mix. Strict-9, especially, shows us fusing our black hole riffage with tunefulness and a renewed sense of song craft. Also note the soon to be abandoned Dear Prudence quote at the end. Scott’s handling the bass parts, but the band hasn’t yet hit on the idea to be a full-fledged duo.

As a result, the songs aren’t designed for a two-piece band – there’s too much reliance on guitar solos and non-unison guitar and bass parts – and playing live isn’t much of an option. The search for someone to replace Matt is half-hearted at best. Our roll has officially slowed. It should be noted, that during this time, a third person began hanging around at practice sessions. God’s gift to rock was already in the house.


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Kyuss (KY-əs) was an American rock band, formed in Palm Desert, California, in by Josh Homme (guitar), John Garcia (vocals), Brant Bjork (drums) and Chris Cockrell (bass).

After self-releasing the EP in , the band recruited Nick Oliveri — who had previously played second guitar in Katzenjammer — to replace Cockrell on bass, and shortened their name to Kyuss. The band gradually built a local following in Palm Desert, California and frequently performed at parties in and around the isolated towns of Southern California ‘s desert areas. These impromptu and predominantly outdoor shows, referred to locally as “generator parties”, [2] consisted of small crowds of people, beer drinking, and the use of gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity for the equipment.

If people don’t like you, they’ll tell you. Several songs on the album were re-recorded versions of those that appeared on the Sons of Kyuss EP. Under-produced and poorly financed, the album was a poor representation of the “Kyuss sound”, and it ultimately depicted a young band still searching for its true musical identity.

Album sales were sluggish, though the band was quickly making a name for itself as a live act. In , the band, along with new producer Chris Goss , began work on their next album, Blues for the Red Sun. Goss understood the band, and was able to accurately capture their live sound in the studio. Released in June that year, the album was critically hailed and is today widely regarded as a pioneering stoner rock record. By the end of , they were invited to open nine dates for Metallica touring Australia.

Bassist Oliveri left the band following completion of the album and Scott Reeder , who had been approached about joining Kyuss five-to-six months earlier during a West Coast tour with The Obsessed , made his debut at the release party for Blues for the Red Sun. Problems listening to this file?


There is a place in London called the Relentless Garage. It sits next to Waitrose and broods at the middle class bustle of Islington. Every so often a gaggle of dark hair and ripped denim will be sucked through its doors and into firing range of some high quality sound equipment.

No Description Available LEVEL: Beginner In this guitar lesson video, Bruno Fevery will show us how he plays the KYUSS song “One Inch Man” in KYUSS LIVES!

After all, it’s ten times better to catch a band during the early stages of a long haul than near the end. Next up were Austin’s the Sword, who brought to the table some good ol’ fashioned heavy riffage; bluesy, countrified jams; and guitarist Kyle Shutt’s pretty long blond hair which flowed nicely, thanks to a fan onstage. Nemesis” — started off extremely hard, and thanks to the audience’s wild enthusiasm, ended on a positive note.

But the crowd was clearly there to see Kyuss Lives! All thoughts of bassist Nick Oliveri’s impending prison sentence were quickly forgotten, when former Kyuss member and ex-Obsessed axeman Scott Reeder took over bass duties and promptly wiped the floor with the two opening bands and Oliveri’s musical legacy. Singer John Garcia’s vocals were stunningly on point, despite the uneasy look he had on his face for a good portion of the set — one couldn’t tell if he was simply nervous because it was the first show of the tour or if he was mistrustful of the audience.

He alternated between standing near the back of the stage with awesome drummer and original Kyuss member Brant Bjork and doing the oddly Elvis-esque dance moves that were one of the many unique attributes that initially put Kyuss on the map as a stellar live act. Toronto was fortunate to witness the first performance of Kyuss Lives!

Kyuss Style Lesson

The game currently does not have a release date but will be free to play upon its release. The game was initially conceived of in September of The game is set to be a fully fledged RPG video game based on themes drawn from the stoner rock scene, available to play on PC and laptop. Locations, items, characters, enemies, weapons, dialogue and the overall storyline will include many references to the lyrics, bands and culture from the stoner rock scene.

Real musicians will appear as characters in the game, though their characterisation will differ to their real world persona so as to fit the plot of the game. The game will have a soundtrack of real tracks from the stoner rock scene which have been remixed into an 8-bit style.

Discografía completa álbumes. Blues for the Red Sun. Edit the album Report an error.

Although deriving influence from 60s s hard rock, Kyuss churned out a unique sound. This was primarily because guitarist Josh Homme often tuned to a low C, a major third below standard pitch, but also singer John Garcia’s paint stripping vocals. They took the name from a monster in Dungeons and Dragons. Shortly after the release of their self-titled EP, the name was shortened to just Kyuss. The quartet gained popularity around the desert due to their famous generator parties.

These were parties fueled by gas generators in the canyons and isolated desert surrounding the small valley towns. The group disbanded in They felt that they were in a decline and felt it best to call it quits before it escalated into something that could not be fixed. The line up had shifted dramatically between and Chris was replaced by Nick Oliveri during high school. That line up recorded Wretch released in and Blues for the Red Sun released in , after which Nick soon left.


Welcome to my new Stoner lesson! If you check GMC archive, you’ll find that I already worked on two generic Stoner Rock lessons which have been very popular here. I received many messages with request to cover many different bands. Stoner rock is a subgenre that combines elements from heavy metal, psychedelic rock, blues, acid rock and doom metal. This style is usually slow to mid tempo and includes bass-heavy sound, melodic vocals and retro sound.

This lesson is in A minor tonality.

Kyuss: In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, Kyuss is a demigod concerned with the creation and mastery of the Undead. Known as the Bonemaster, the Wormgod, the Worm that Walks and the Herald of the Age of Worms, his symbol is a skull erupting with writhing green worms.

Although they were widely acknowledged as pioneers of the booming underground “stoner rock” scene of the s, the band enjoyed little commercial success during their brief existence. Still, their combination of sludgy, down-tuned guitars often played through a bass amp for maximum, earth-shaking intensity , spacey jams, galloping thrash metal rhythms, and organic drum sound has become the blueprint, often Hailing from Palm Desert, California, KYUSS pronounced “kai-uss” have become a heavy metal Velvet Underground of sorts.

Still, their combination of sludgy, down-tuned guitars often played through a bass amp for maximum, earth-shaking intensity , spacey jams, galloping thrash metal rhythms, and organic drum sound has become the blueprint, often copied, but never quite replicated, by countless underground metal bands. The band eventually built a local following, signed with tiny independent label Dali Records, and released their first album Wretch in Under-produced and poorly financed, the album failed to capture the band’s live sound and went completely unnoticed, but constant touring quickly earned Kyuss a legendary reputation as a ferocious live unit, as well as the respect of many fellow musicians.

Eventually hailed as a landmark by critics and fans alike, the album took the underground metal world by storm and established the signature Kyuss sound once and for all: Based on this sudden surge of interest, the band was signed to Elektra Records just as Dali was about to go bankrupt, and despite the loss of bassist Oliveri he was replaced by Scott Reeder, formerly of Obsessed , the band continued building momentum. Also recorded under Goss’ guidance, ‘s Welcome to Sky Valley nearly matched the brilliance of its predecessor and saw Kyuss taking the novel approach of grouping the songs into three extended suites.

But despite their creative promise and a growing fan-base, personal strife had already begin tearing the band apart, and drummer Brant Bjork departed by tour’s end. After recruiting the jazz-trained Alfredo Hernandez to replace him on ‘s less-inspired And the Circus Leaves Town, a final rift between Homme and Garcia finally brought Kyuss’ meteoric run to a disappointing halt.

The Best of Kyuss collected rare outtakes and live recordings, and effectively put a capper on the Kyuss legacy, but, after a period of relative silence, the band members gradually began making their mark in a number of significant projects.

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Kyuss Lives!, and apparently so does bassist Nick Oliveri. He was in the band, despite his recent troubles, when the reunited desert stoners hit Terminal 5 on Friday (9/23). Pictures are in this.

October 5th, 65 replies Release Date: After maintaining an underground fanbase and just beginning to break into the mainstream, the band finally began to recieve the recognition they rightly deserved. Their signature sound, call it ‘desert rock’ or ‘stoner rock’ or whatever you will, was attributed to their low sounding guitars, chaffing vocals and grossly underproduced albums. However, internal problems within the band lead to their split during the mid-nineties, leading to the creation of smaller spinoff groups and, ultimately, the very succesful Queens Of The Stone Age.

This album seems thought of by some as weak and uninventive. However, after repeated listens it is possibly my favourite album by them. There are two noticeable changes with this album. The first is that the tracks are more straightforward; there are no minute long instrumental fillers Blues for the Red Sun or grouping of all songs into three tracks Welcome To Sky Valley.

Kyuss – One Inch Man