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Bengals quarterback Virgil Carter would be the first player to successfully implement Walsh’s system, [4] leading the NFL in pass completion percentage in Walsh installed a modified version of this system when he became head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Walsh’s 49ers won three Super Bowls during this period, behind the passing abilities of legendary quarterback Joe Montana. As a result, Walsh’s version has come to be known as the “West Coast offense”. Montana thrived for many years as the starting QB for the 49ers. Walsh’s coaching tree[ edit ] Several of Walsh’s coordinators went on to successfully implement his West Coast Offense system. Holmgren later became head coach of the Seattle Seahawks where they played in the Super Bowl in the season. Another one-time member of Holmgren’s coaching staff, Andy Reid , has successfully utilized the West Coast offense during his tenure as a head coach for both the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. From , Reid served as Eagles head coach.

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Well we are here to make sure that the next time you think of this great city, you think of all of the incredible hookup bars and clubs. San Francisco has so many sexy, sultry bars and clubs to explore and we are here to help with the SoNaughty directory of the best hookup bars and clubs. People traveled west to California to find their futures and stake it rich. Unfortunately not everyone struck it rich, but they did find a great city to live in at least! The oldest saloon in San Francisco dates back to so it’s safe to say that the hookup scene has been active since this time.

The first place to hook up at Penn State is the Stacks. Just walk up through the Pattee Mall, through the revolving doors, to the left, and up the stairs, and you have met your match. Every student I have encountered here at Penn State has brought up how having sex in the stacks is their number one priority before they graduate.

Here are some of my favorite festivals from hometown to big city. Post-parade pub crawling is a given. In March, usually on St. In March, around the holiday. Generally the weekend after. Entertainment stages will feature Japanese classical and folk dancers, martial artists, taiko drummers and others. Takes place every year in April. The Grand Parade, begins at City Hall. The celebration goes on all day, before, during and after the parade, and covers four blocks.

The event goes on, rain or shine. Historic Downtown Petaluma, California. Every year in May over Memorial Day Weekend. Although the day-long event is free, wine tasting requires a tasting ticket.

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Where and when can I fish in the ocean without a fishing license? Anyone 16 years and older must have a fishing license to take any kind of fish, mollusk, invertebrate or crustacean in California, except for persons angling from a public pier for non-commercial purposes in ocean or bay waters. A public pier is defined in the sport fishing regulations as a publicly owned man-made structure that has the following characteristics: Additionally, publicly owned jetties or breakwaters that are connected to land, as described above, that have free unrestricted access for the general public and whose purpose it is to form the most seaward protective boundary of an ocean harbor are public piers.

Jetties, breakwaters, promenades, sea walls, moles, docks, linings, barriers and other structures that are not the most seaward protective boundary of an ocean harbor, are not public piers.

On public piers in San Francisco and San Pablo bays between the Golden Gate Bridge and the west Carquinez Bridge, you may only use two lines, two hand lines, .

What is your address? How will we recognize the tour vehicle? Please feel free to call us in the morning of your tour if you like. Are there restrooms on board the vehicles? Our vehicles at this time do not have any restroom facilities. We do, however, make several stops throughout the tours and there will be opportunities for you to use the restroom. What do I have to be aware of when traveling with a child?

Please note that for your child’s safety, we require you to bring a child safety seat or booster seat for all children under 8 years of age or 4′ 9″ in height, as dictated by California State Law. You will be required to bring your own child seat on all motor vehicle tours. Failure to provide a seat for your child will result in forfeit of your seats on the tour without a refund.

Please also note that any children 12 years and older must have an adult ticket as they do not qualify for a child-priced ticket. What kind of luggage am I allowed to bring?


Their jobs sat open for six weeks. The team finally unveiled a successor, incoming president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi, before the Bay Area media on Wednesday. What had caused the delay? He was tied up in the playoffs, which went on for the better part of a month. Maybe the only bright spot is a record against L. The Dodgers, flush with young stars, are sitting pretty; the Giants, after a long, strong run, look pretty hopeless.

The New Way Queer People Hook Up in the American Heartland. Backwoods cruising spots—where gay men used to meet for anonymous sex—are mostly dead, people told me. San Francisco.

Indigenous peoples of California Pre-contact Acjachemen built cone-shaped huts made of willow branches covered with brush or mats made of tule leaves. Known as Kiichas or wikiups , the temporary shelters were utilized for sleeping or as refuge in cases of inclement weather. When a dwelling reached the end of its practical life it was simply burned, and a replacement erected in its place in about a day’s time. The natives often ate acorns that they turned into soups, cakes and bread. The bulk of the population occupied the outlets of two large creeks, San Juan Creek and its major tributary, Trabuco Creek and San Mateo Creek combined with Arroyo San Onofre , which drained into the ocean at the same point.

The highest concentration of villages was along the lower San Juan, where Mission San Juan Capistrano was ultimately situated and is preserved today. Village populations ranged from between 35 and inhabitants, consisting of a single lineage in the smaller villages, and of a dominant clan joined with other families in the larger settlements. Each clan had its own resource territory and was “politically” independent; ties to other villages were maintained through economic, religious, and social networks in the immediate region.

The elite class composed chiefly families, lineage heads, and other ceremonial specialists , a middle class established and successful families , and people of disconnected or wandering families and captives of war comprised the three hierarchical social classes. This body decided upon matters of the community, which were then carried out by the Nota and his underlings. While the placement of residential huts in a village was not regulated, the ceremonial enclosure Vanquech and the chief’s home were most often centrally located.

The Playanos held that an all-powerful and unseen being called “Nocuma” brought about the earth and the sea, together with all of the trees, plants, and animals of sky, land, and water contained therein. We know that they adore a large bird similar to a kite, which they raise with the greatest of care from the time it is young, and they hold to many errors regarding it.

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With its narrow streets and distinctive architecture, the neighborhood has served as the backdrop for numerous films, including The Maltese Falcon, Big Trouble in Little China and Godzilla, and it was the birthplace for some of the most famous Chinese-Americans, like The Joy Luck Club author Amy Tan and the great kung fu movie star Bruce Lee, who was born at San Francisco Chinese Hospital. Pick a dish from the menu of your favorite Chinese restaurant in the U.

House of Nanking has been a Chinatown favorite since

San Francisco gay street fair. The fair is located in San Francisco’s SoMa district on Dore Alley between Folsom and Howard Streets, the adjoining block of Folsom Street between 9th and Juniper Streets and on to Tenth St.

While many camp grounds allow RVs, they do not all allow nudity. The Berkshire Vista Resort in Massachusetts. Berkshire has rates for single, couple, or family access, discounted rates fro members of the American Association for Nude Recreation AANR , and various sites with and without hook-ups as well as motel units and motel cottages. About 30 minutes from the Quad City area, Blue Lake Resort has 20 acres of sunny and shady areas for camping as part of their 98 acre farm.

Open from May to October, they provide a pleasant, safe, and clean environment for nudists and naturists of all ages. There are twenty RV spots with water and electricity hook-ups as well. They have full RV hook-up sites that are near the on-site pool, hot tub, sundeck, bathhouse, and laundry facilities as well as a traditional tent camping area and twelve acres or nature preserve land with “barefoot-friendly trails and rustic camping” also.

Among other amenities there is also free WiFi, a security fence with coded-gate, and hour guest kitchens in the Club House. Private and family-oriented, Sunny Haven prides itself on providing a safe, healthy environment for appropriate social nudity. Tent, camper, and chalet sites with games, tanning, swimming, body painting, and other activities and events for visitors to keep busy, socialize, and relax. Sequoians in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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If watching another friend walk down the aisle or simply cuddle with their newest love interest from The League makes you feel like vomiting, we say grab your single ladies or lads and head to one of the following places. Nothing beats away loneliness like a hot public make-out, right? Facebook Mayes Oyster House If you want to get your dance on while making out with a hunky twentysomething or scantily clad social media slut, Mayes is the ideal spot for you. On Friday and Saturday nights, the dancefloor is packed with people in various stages of drunkenness getting their groove on.

And while you’re at it, why not let him grab your ass while you’re doing it?

The History Of San Francisco’s Chinatown In 10 Dishes San Francisco, CA , ; and Geary Blvd., San Francisco, Sign up for the best of Food Republic, delivered to your inbox Tuesday and Thursday. Try again. Success! Check your email for a confirmation link.

Steinle murder trial verdict sketch Vicki Behringer Jurors have been deliberating on the case since Tuesday, November 21, after prosecutors and defense attorneys finished their arguments whether Garcia Zarate was a hapless homeless man who killed Steinle in a freak accident or a calculated murderer intent on playing a sick game.

The jurors broke for the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend on Wednesday, November Deliberations have been ongoing since the jury reconvened this past Monday. Defense attorney Matt Gonzalez spoke after the verdict was read, first taking a moment to offer condolences to the Steinle family. They deliberated as a group. They heard read back testimony. They looked at the physical evidence and they rendered a verdict to the best of their abilities in accordance with the law.

Garcia Zarate had been released from the San Francisco jail about three months before the shooting, despite a request by federal immigration authorities to detain him for deportation. He had been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation. Jurors did find Garcia Zarate guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Public Defender Jeff Adachi said that charge carries a potential sentence of 16 months to 3 years.

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Small, undersized striped bass are abundant for those trolling or casting Loch Lomond worm-tailed jigs, but the larger, legal bass have been absent. The Marin Islands, Red Rock and the flat off Paradise have all been producing good numbers of mostly smallish fish. The majority of halibut action is concentrated around the normal locations of Alcatraz, Crissy Field, and Southhampton Shoals.

The wind does limit the number of fishermen out, and it was slow in the bait shop on Thursday. Fishing continues to be pretty good from shore and from boats, but the halibut seem to be winding down a bit. There are a fair number of halibut taken from the coastal beaches, and there are still stripers around, but it is not as good as it has been.

You can find great hot spots in most San Francisco neighborhoods, but the Castro and Mission Districts are queer central. The Castro is where most of the gay boys call home and Mission is for the rest of the community, but these neighborhoods are so close together there’s tons of overlapping.

The water is moving through the system, and the bait is starting to accumulate near the headgates. In the southern aqueduct in Kern County, striped bass action is decent with tube baits, jumbo minnows, blood worms or sardines with catfish on jumbo minnows, chicken livers or anchovies. The popularity of the aqueduct led to increased numbers of anglers and in order to maintain access fishermen are encouraged to take out all trash and other debris when departing.

For the big rainbow trout-patterned swimbaits such as Huddlestons or River2Sea Swavers, there is a bite very early in the morning prior to the sun rising and also at dusk, but you have to put in your time for the opportunity for a single quality fish. Rat-L-Traps bounced off of the rocks are also working as this is a very good technique for Eastman. Bluegill patterns have also been effective as there has been an abundance of bluegill in the lake this year as a result of the high water conditions flooding new areas.

The bigger fish are feeding on bluegill or the planted trout as they are looking for one big meal in the wintertime instead of chasing the small half-inch minnows. Eastman held at 58 percent capacity. Six Star Tackle Box ; Eastman Lake Hensley Lake Bass 2; Trout 2; Catfish 2; Bluegill 2; Crappie 1 Hensley remains very slow for largemouth bass, with a solid fisherman reporting only a single bite resulting in a single fish on a recent trip. Planted rainbow trout remain the top species from the shore, with inflated nightcrawlers, Kastmasters or Roostertail spinners in the shallows in the mornings.

The lake rose slightly to 20 percent capacity. The bait is moving toward Middle and Upper Bay and finding the bait is the key to locating the rainbows. The trout are fattening up on shad, and shad-patterned spoons are working.

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