TiVo Stream vs. Slingbox

If you want to watch streamed live television on your PC or Mac, you’re covered by the Slingbox M1 straight out of the box with the free SlingPlayer Desktop software. If you want to watch it on your mobile device, you’ll need to spend a bit more. On the other hand, even the total cost of the M1 and the app is less than the Slingbox on its own, and that required the paid app as well. After a very fast setup, the M1 worked flawlessly. Both programs offered a full program grid and emulated remote control commands to the connected Dish Network Hopper, thanks to the included infrared remote. The remote commands lagged a few seconds, and it often took another few seconds for the stream to catch up to any changes in quality settings, but that’s normal for all place-shifting hardware. If you just want to access your live television when you’re away, this isn’t a problem, but don’t expect to be able to watch something different from whatever your family is tuned to while they’re on the couch.

HDMI setup advice: splitter and HDCP concerns

Never miss your favourite TV shows when you’re away from home. Watch and control your home TV from virtually anywhere, at anytime, on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Watch the Product Overview What is a Slingbox, anyway? You like your TV. You like your smartphone.

Nov 10,  · Initial information indicates that slingbox pro-hd will be able to stream HD over the internet as long as you have a mbps or better upload internet connection from the home as well as a mbps download connection at the receiving end.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Out of all the devices in the placeshifting market, the slingbox is by far the easiest to setup. You must have a router at the house you want to put the slingbox in. If you do not have a router, go out and buy one. Once you have a router, you need to make sure there is a way to connect your router and slingbox together. The slingbox must go where the cable TV wall jack is.

If for example, your router is sitting in your basement and the TV wall jack is on the floor above, you will need to buy additional devices. I suggest powerline instead of wireless. One of these devices plugs into the wall near your router, and then an ethernet goes from the powerline device to your router. With the other adapter, it plugs into the wall near your slingbox, and then an ethernet cable connects the slingbox and that adapter together.

This uses your electrical wires to transmit data. It is much simpler to setup than wireless. Once you have the connections all setup, then you install the software on the computer.

Need to plug my Slingbox in to my OTA antenna : cordcutters

There are many options, all with advantages and shortcomings… Hopefully you will find the one that fits your needs! You can either watch it live or connect to a DVR to record programs of interest to you to watch later, which could be an important consideration given the time-zone differences between 6 and 9 hours between the U. I know from experience that for Notre Dame football games, it is a great device for home parties. This is something you only do once, however. After the installation is done, you generally never have to do it again.

How Slingbox Works. by Julia Layton NEXT PAGE. Classic Slingbox. Photo but Sling Media has packaged it up real nice, to the Slingbox PRO-HD. Each model has its own bells and whistles, but they all perform the same basic function: delivering live television from your TV to a networked device. Slingbox video stream.

Email Advertisement The tide is turning against the traditional TV model of schedules and weekly serials. You can now easily watch television on your smartphone thanks to a handful of apps and a data connection — this is how I do it. Gone is the tower of my old self Read More , there may be days or even weeks that go by without any TV.

The top notch of Windows Phone 8 devices, these two smartphones will only In an ideal world battery problems would be resolved, perhaps with universal wireless charging. Disabling background apps, switching off games and preventing emails and cloud storage from syncing during the period you intend to stream the TV to your phone are all good ideas. For anyone using a Nokia Lumia , you can manage which apps are able to remain running in the background by opening Settings, swiping to Applications and opening Background Tasks.

To block an app, tap it to view the status screen, then tap Block. This will help considerably, and you can check that the app has closed by pressing and holding Back to check which apps are open. Often these are the type of channels you would normally avoid, showing Bosnian dog wrestling or darts from Papua New Guinea. Instead, the best apps for watching TV on your smartphone are those that stream the shows you want to see. If you want to stream TV Hulu Plus vs.

The lifeblood of online cinema and television.

Random Acts of Upgrades: Next up, the Slingbox Pro

The most important of which is the DVR guide. In order to schedule show recordings, the DVR requires a means of knowing what times your favorite shows air. Cable subscribers already have a TV guide with their cable subscription.

Product Description. The Slingbox is a breakthrough consumer electronics device that enables you to watch your living room television programming from anywhere by turning virtually any Internet-connected laptop or PC into a personal television.

Sat Mar 15, I think you need to research how this technology works. I don’t believe that this model has coaxial pass through. You would put the SlingBox near your TV with the cable box. Then if the ports are available you would connect SlingBox to either S-Video, composite or component ports on your cable box. If there are not ports available on the cable box then I believe that the SlingBox has pass through for either composite or component.

I’m not sure that there is the ability to either connect or pass through this model SlingBox using coaxial. You will also need a hardwired Ethernet connection between your router and the SlingBox.

Slingplayer Mobile for Android Out NOW!

Content providers change these schemes as a course of business.. Sad to say it did not. Let me offer some context here. My TV set up is as follows. Comcast is my cable provider.

A Slingbox is an audio-video (AV) device that enables you to watch and control your TV wherever you are, on your desktop or laptop computer, phone, tablet, and more.

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Oh of course cassette tapes.

Slingbox Support

Those “things” are as follows: If you have been I have been waiting for this product for 22 months, having seen the announcement and demo at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show in January I have long been a fan of Sling Media and have used its products for close to three years. I have also recommended them to many friends and colleagues.

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Sling Media HD Connect Cable for Slingbox Pro (Grand Prairie) $20

PC World Thursday, October 2, ; Like previous Slingbox devices, such as the Slingbox Solo and the Slingbox Pro, it works by streaming video from a cable TV box, digital video recorder, or other home video source through the Slingbox unit, and then displaying the video footage on your network- or Internet-connected Windows laptop. Software for playing high-def content is not yet available for Macs or for mobile devices that support standard-definition streams. But to have any hope of successfully using the Pro-HD to stream high-def video, you’ll need an HD video source, robust broadband at least 1.

The costs as much as the older Slingbox Pro-HD, but doesn’t do much more, save for streaming over WiFi. Most users would be fine with the cheaper Slingbox instead.

They aggregate this information and create an EDID block to send to the source that only contains formats that are supported by ALL connected displays. This happens with my splitter whenever I add or remove a display when the device is on. There will also be a delay as an HDCP connection is established. Obviously this is a major copyright ‘breach’ device – but it does have real world uses such as allowing HDCP sources to be converted to unencrypted HD-SDI for routing purposes, off-air ‘fair use’ recording etc.

I’m aware of the EDID issue although I’m not sure how that works when the 2 outputs of my splitter are going to be connected to difference inputs of the same sink device. Regarding HDCP, as you said the splitter will be the sink for the real source device and then act as a source for the sinks connected to its outputs.

Slingbox and Roku

In other words, since I control what channel that TV would be watching at home as I am watching it on my WM phone, I put my Slingbox in our bedroom that has a DVR instead of in our living room where most of the family watches TV the majority of the time. Our bedroom is too far away from my office where the router is to use a cable, so I used the Linksys WET54G wireless game adapter I had laying around the house. I first configured it to connect to my wireless network on my laptop and then moved it to the Slingbox.

Blu-Tack. Blu-Tack can be used to cover unused LNB outputs and as a temporary waterproofing for outdoor cable joints. Can also be used to waterproof aerial connections inside the plastic housing.

It was a tech-cellent holiday at your house this year! Think about all those gadgets in need of Wi-Fi, from smartphones and tablets to thermostats and refrigerators. To keep your connected home connected, you’re going to need a strong heart at the center of that network making sure all that data gets to the right connected device.

Fortunately, there are a number of great router options to choose from. Time to go premium? Upgrading to a new router can give you faster speeds, increased range and the ability to connect more devices.

Watching American TV Shows in France

The Slingbox device uses an infrared transmitter to change the channels on your cable receiver in the same way that your remote control changes channels. The Slingbox then connects to your home internet router so you can access the Slingbox through your home network. With the Slingbox software installed on your computer, you can then watch your Comcast cable programming on your computer from any location that has Internet access.

You have multiple options depending on the type of connection you want to use. The red, white and yellow RCA connection offers non-HD while the green, blue and red component cable offers a higher quality video connection.

When I hook my slingbox to the RNG, I get audio and video without an issue but I can’t access the DVR. When I hook my slingbox to the X1DVR, I get audio and no video. I have HDMI running between the TV and X1.

Wed May 05 Please email if you have any questions. The HD Connect Cable has component video and stereo audio inputs and pass-through outputs, and is compatible with HDTV video services of up to i resolution. The Slingbox PRO uses SlingStream technology to adapt the compressed high definition video stream to your current network conditions, whether running on a computer or mobile phone.

Have a HDTV setup at home? SlingStream is a groundbreaking technology that dynamically adjusts your video quality to provide the best possible viewing experience. Well, it turns out your Internet connection is constantly varying based on network congestion both at home and wherever you want to watch your Slingbox. You’ve probably seen this happen with other streaming Internet video when you see “Buffering, please wait.

So, our engineers invented SlingStream to solve the problem. It functions by taking into account a variety of factors, including network bandwidth, SlingPlayer device characteristics, video content, and the type of video input. Using patent pending algorithms, SlingStream automatically adjusts compression level, video bit rate, frame rate, and other settings to create a continuous quality video experience. And SlingStream works regardless of the connection type, whether its LAN, Internet, or even wireless from your mobile phone.

If all this doesn’t make perfect sense to you, don’t worry about it, just rest assured the video quality from your Slingbox is always as good as it can possibly be!

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD